Marketing Services


There are so many ways for your audience to enjoy your work. You can diversify the content of your book and turn it into audio books, blog entries, social media posts, even screenplays, or any other type of digital or visual medium. This way, you can reach more readers or potential clients through their preferred modalities. Everyone can consume the words that you’re offering them. Books are low-risk investments that can continually provide massive amount of valuable information to your clients over time—enough to make them want to be part of your pursuits and potentially do business with you.

Every single step of our process leads you toward making more book sales and wider audience base. We help you sustain the bridge between your readers and your message. As an author, you have incredible knowledge to share. We want to make sure that people are listening, across different platforms and avenues. People need your information. They need you. Because you’re an author, you have the unique opportunity to change perceptions and ultimately change lives.

Marketing services

Unlike regular product marketing, book marketing requires more than advertisements and product placements. You will need the following services to promote your work to the right audience:

Web Design

Your website is your online business card. With an optimized and search-engine friendly website, your readers can easily find your work and your accomplishments in the field. You can also provide a contact form so that they can contact you in their convenience.

Radio Interview

Our media liaisons will contact radio stations who will give you an interview as a featured author.
Retailer Preview
Find your book in the book preview section of online booksellers and attract more book buyers.


We have screenwriters who have can turn your book into a screenplay. The visual medium can expand the audience of your work substantially, giving you the opportunity to pitch your story to directors and film executives. This marketing strategy can readily triple your audience base since the moviegoers who see your film will be introduced to your book as well.

Book Trailer

A book trailer is a short presentation of your work using a mix medium and style with narration, graphics, music, and actors to creatively present your book to a visual audience. This will pique the readers’ attention and encourage engagement as well as create a buzz around your book.

Author Video and Web TV Interview

A video interview gives you a platform to promote your book and at the same time. Your readers will see different sides of your personality and know your insights and perspectives about your book.


Our magazine is circulated in book fairs around the country. When you secure a placement in our magazine, you will secure your book’s exposure to thousands of readers.

Promotions services

Our open playbook offers an in-depth look at your goals first. We probe, assess, and determine the most beneficial path for you to take in achieving them while taking into consideration your planned budget for every project. Understand the work that you’ve already put in, study and learn the actual book that you’ve written and compare them with other existing works in your genre. Know how far along you’ve come in promoting it and the actions that we can take together to make your work stand out even more.

Blog Tour

We will endorse your book to popular bloggers and make sure they feature you in one of their posts or episodes. Bloggers with a large following have as much influence as professional book reviewers—some bloggers even have a wider reach. People who find your book being promoted in these credible online platforms are more likely to buy your book because they trust or admire the blog or website that features your book.

Publishers Weekly Platform

We will market your book to be promoted in this prominent publication. This is an added boost to your book’s reputation.

Book Signing

A book signing event gives your marketing campaign the human touch that only a personal appearance can do. Get the opportunity to talk to your readers face to face and form connections that can strengthen your community.


Newswire is an efficient press release distribution service used by the best publishing houses in the country. We will write a press release that highlights your book and yourself as an author, distribute it to more than 17,500 US media channels, and send you a report consisting of all the media outlets that received your press release.

Book Review

A book review gives your book credibility and yourself a high rank among your peers. We will send your book to trusted book reviewers in the country, including US Review of Books, Pacific Book Review, and BlueInk Review.

Social Media Management

We will create a social media campaign specifically designed to increase your online community and following. This establishes your brand among your readers, gives your name credibility, and opens a 24/7 connection between you and your audience.

Editorial services

Ensure your book is polished down to the last sentence. Our editorial services will ready your book for launching and further promotions.


Our trained and skilled editors go line by line to spot and correct errors in grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure.

Developmental Editing

When our editorial consultation calls for an in-depth editing and restructuring of your book, our editors advise developmental editing, which allows changes to the book’s concept, story, and overall structure.